The Good Feeling Guide to Whales (and Sharks) in the Algarve

What’s that?! There’s something in the water?

This year we’ve seen an amazing display of marine life along the coast of the west Algarve. In addition to regular sightings of turtles, sunfish and hundreds of dolphins - common, bottlenose, and striped - this year were also seen some Risso’s dolphins which are very rare!

In February the Cape Cruiser boats took photos of a Humpback Whale breaching and making a big display along the south coast.

In between April and now there were seen Basking Sharks and Minke Whales by Mar Ilimitado boats, as well as a Blue Whale and a Fin Whale, which were travelling together and filmed by the Sealife Dolphin Watching boats.

In the beginning of July three Fin Whales - 2 adults and a calf - were followed along the south coast from Lagos to Sagres, and just a few weeks ago Mar Ilimitado made some beautiful film of a family of Orcas playing in the sea just off the point of Sagres!


But why no dangerous sharks?

Every year when they migrate up and down from north to south, they swim past our shores and it looks like they totally ignore us. They’re travelling for feeding or breeding, far out to sea and it seems that the only ones that pop in to visit our shallower, warmer waters are the friendly kind.

Last week a large Hammerhead Shark was seen by the dive boat from Mar Ilimitado – and it was happily minding its own business, the way hammerheads do. According to the marine biologists they’re very timid sharks and prefer to avoid humans - it’s very rare to see them. So no danger!


Is Portugal the safest place to surf in the world?

There’s never been a shark attack in Portugal.

This makes it the most perfect place to spend time in the ocean, surf, SUP, swim, dive and know that you don’t have to be scared, while you can still have the excitement of watching the horizon in case you see some whales or dolphins appear as they pass by!

When you stay with us we can give you advice and help you organise your activities – want to take some days off from surfing and go on a boat trip or learn to dive? Just ask! We know just where you need to go!

We look forward to seeing you when you arrive – just don’t forget to keep the beautiful beaches and magic ocean environment clean when you come!



Video of the Orcas in Sagres (by Mar Ilimitado):

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Photos by Cape Cruiser:

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