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We met here real friends. Everytime since 5 years it is like coming home. Good Feeling is not a hostel - It is a lifestyle!

Julia & Chris

It has been a wonderful stay here! It was a relaxing, laugher-filled stay with some amazing people!
Jesse (Canada)

The atmosphere is really friendly and the owners are awesome personalities and make everyone feel welcome.
over hostelworld (Finland)

Thanks a lot for the special driving service and the great energy in the hostel! I really enjoyed my time here!
Svenja (Germany)

Totally had a good feeling about this one...my favorite hostel in Portugal! I did not want to leave, I had so much fun hereI 
over hostelworld (USA)

Great surfing, great weather, great beaches, great dinner, great people and an overall great feeling!
over hostelworld (Canada)

Wow! Han and I hand the most chilled out, relaxed and altogether lovely stay here! Highlight was paddle-boarding!
Molly & Hannah

Had the best feeling here at GOOD FEELING! Thanks for everything!
Milena & Julia

They are the best, very nice, family-like atmosphere! Loved it there!
over hostelworld (Germany)

I have never been so relaxed as when I was laying in the hammock at GoodFeeling!
over hostelworld (Canada)

The hostel with the best atmosphere i've ever been! Great staff and guests, nice building and a amazing landscape!
over hostelworld (Germany)

Definitely one of the (if not THE) best places we have reached in our 5 month journey!
Molly & Hannah

Most amazing place, nicest people, awesome vibe and I can't wait to get back.

Best surf hostel ever, the atmosphere is awesome, very friendly and chilled out.

Maaret (Finland)

The food was phenomenal, the atmosphere was inviting, and the times were unforgettable.

Levi D (USA)

Your generosity was out of this world and this is a place I will never forget.

Levi D (USA)

All in all it felt like a home away from home.
Thomas (Germany)

Good Feeling is not just a name, it's a concept!
Ragon (Reunion Island)

Best surf hostel ever,
I loved it.

Susan (Germany)

Such a great place to stay!
over hostelworld (Finland)

Simply the best!
Su (United Kingdom)

This hostel was an absolute Gem.
over hostelworld (England)

Best place to stay!
Fred (France)

Awesome place to stay!
Thomas (Germany)

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