Winter Warmer

Here at The Good Feeling, we’ve enjoyed a wonderfully sunny ‘winter’.

We know just how lucky we are to live in an eco-climate, which is said to skip from autumn straight into spring, so we’d like to share some interesting facts to cheer you up and help warm your winter blues away.

Interesting Fact 1

It hasn’t rained here since the 28th November.
We did see some clouds and feel the chill of a cold wind on the odd occasion, but in a sunny spot, sheltered from the wind, it’s hard to believe that it’s really winter.

Interesting Fact 2 

It does get a little bit cold at night.
Which is why we’ve installed a fireplace in the hostel, so when the sun goes down you can cosy up on the comfy cushions and enjoy the roaring flames of the wood burner and the smell of delicious dinner being cooked drifting through the house from the kitchen.

Interesting Fact 3

We can’t remember what ice looks like.
Well, we’ve seen the crushed stuff that Carlos has been using to make our caipirinhas, but we love that kind of ice.

Interesting Fact 4

On the shortest day of 2014, December 21st, here we still had a beautiful 9 hours and 37 minutes of daylight time.

So, the sun shines on over The Good Feeling Hostel, and all the great people that we’ve had staying with us here over the ‘winter’ months.
One of the things we love best is to share with you the warm feeling in our house, not just from the new fireplace, but from our hearts. We know this warm feeling will stay with you long after you leave and keep you smiling despite the cold winter.

Our sympathies to those of you who are enduring cold and rain with grey skies. Think about booking a nice holiday to escape your bad weather, either now, or get prepared for next winter and book ahead!

A big thumbs up to any of you that are enjoying snowy mountain slopes, we’re almost envious…

And a huge warm welcome awaits those of you who are coming to visit us in our beautiful little corner of Portugal. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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