We made more improvements at the hostel!

The Good Feeling got even better: Part III

One of the things we like to do most at the Good Feeling is to find ways that we can make it an even better place to stay for our guests. So we have ideas all the time, and when people who stay with us make suggestions we pay attention.This year we’ve been making improvements outside, because that’s where everybody wants to be when the sun’s shining, which is pretty much always!

We put a new bar on the terrace, with a chillout area along the side. Gil made the beautiful wooden sofas and tables and we put umbrellas so you can choose your space in the sun or shade. It’s a really peaceful and beautiful space to relax, or to make a party when the mood’s right.
And we made new steps to go down to the terrace bar as well. We don’t want you to have to walk all around when you’re tired from surfing every day!

Then from the terrace we made a nice new path with stone paving down to the volleyball court, and from there you can see the vines growing up the walls that we planted last year in the terrace garden. Soon we’ll have grapes growing so you can pick them fresh from the vine!

Also we made lots of new space for surfboard storage, our new racks make it easier to get the boards in and out for our guests – and now we have a separate area for clients’ own boards, and if you have a rental board that you want to keep all the time, you can put that there as well.
We’ve got new equipment: so lots of new high quality wetsuits and a bigger range of surfboards, with hard boards as well, from 5’11” up to 7’6”. It’s good to have more choice for everyone…

And that’s how we make the place with such a Good Feeling, and keep making it better! If you have any more ideas for improvements please get in touch and let us know, we welcome and appreciate your feedback, always.

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