The Good Feeling got even better

We’ve been making improvements to The Good Feeling Hostel, and are still hard at work, making things even better for you.

Want to know what we’ve been doing? (apart from surfing in the sunshine!)




The 1st anniversary of Carlos working with us has been some days ago

We can’t believe it’s only been a year, when he feels like part of the furniture, but you might not have met him yet and we think it’s time you did.
Come and experience the great cooking and fabulous cocktails that Carlos so enjoys preparing, we know you’ll love them!

Brand New Breakfast Buffet at the amazing price of €1,50

If you’re on a budget, you can now fill up on a selection of tasty healthy food before you hit the beach. Cereals, milk, bread, butter & jam, & fresh coffee are included.

If you’re a fan of the fully prepared Tosta breakfast, with cheese and ham, finest Italian pressed coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice, don’t worry - it’s still available too, at the astounding price of €3.

Indoor Bar

Too relaxed to go outside for your caipirinha?
We’ve built a bar in the lounge for your convenience and comfort, and also made improvements to our outdoor bar.
Tasty snacks, milkshakes, juices & alcoholic beverages are still available to order throughout the day.

Heating up the House

The Fireis roaring in our lovely new fireplace, and additional heating has been installed throughout the hostel.
With our new windows and doors, for improved insulation, visitors are cosier and warmer than ever.

New Oven

There are now 2 ovens in our beautifully redecorated kitchen.
Of course, it’s more likely that you’ll be tempted by the delicious smell of Carlos’ traditional Portuguese dinners, but if you choose to cook for yourself, there are more facilities so it’s easier for you.
More shelves are also being put up, so there’s more space for your food.

2 New Studios

Tucked away at the rear of our property, we now have 4 tranquil and stylish studios for guests who prefer the privacy of their own space. The existing studios have been redecorated and with some beautiful finishing touches by Gil, they’re even more special than before – treat yourself to a little luxury with a really good feeling.

Yoga Platform

Our new wooden decked yoga terrace overlooks the garden and our orchard of fruit trees. It’s the perfect place for peaceful meditation and tranquil relaxation, and a great spot for listening to the dawn chorus of the birds.
Join the organised sessions or take advantage of it in your own time; either way, you’ll love it as much as we do.

Glorious Garden

Our beautiful garden is ideal for lying on a blanket in the sun or cooling down in the shade under the fruit trees.
The vines growing up the wall will soon be bursting with juicy grapes and the scent of orange and mandarin trees fills the air.
Our garden is nature-friendly, providing shade, shelter and sunshine for both you and the birds (who are currently singing their little heads off in the bamboo canes) and blossoming flowers for visiting bees – we can’t wait to show it off, so come and see for yourself!


We’ve been painting and adding lots of new features to our interior design that make our rooms a little bit more lush and even more full of good feeling.

Using natural materials to create unique furnishings and all the special finishing touches that make our place feel like a home from home, for you to come and soak up the atmosphere on your sunny holidays.

Wetsuit Washing Area

We have a new dedicated washing area for rinsing and drying your wetsuits; because taking care of your suit is key to making sure you have a long happy future together.


Last but not least, we now operate a licensed surf school.
Free beach transfers are still available as always, and in addition, we offer surf lessons for small groups; so you can learn or improve your surfing in an intimate, super-fun & friendly lesson with our surf instructors.

Want to know the best thing?

Most of our improvements are thanks to your suggestions, so please continue to tell us if you think we can improve any further.

If you’d like to know more details about any of the above, check out our website for further info or get in touch… we love to hear from you! We look forward to seeing you soon and showing you all our fabulous new features.


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