Prepare the body, start the day with YOGA!

Yoga and surfing go together like sand and saltwater. Both disciplines tap into a natural flow. Yoga gets you in touch with the rhythm of your breath and body, while surfing gets you in sync with the wave patterns and ocean tides. In yoga, you learn not to force any pose, but to find the depth of the pose in the moment. In surfing, you learn that you can’t force a wave or a set. Instead, you practice being fully in the moment and in tune with the current so you can catch a wave.

It’s no wonder pros, like Kelly Slater and Rochelle Ballard, use this old-school practice (roughly 5,000 years old!) to complement their surfing skills!


Yoga offers many benefits that will improve your surfing skills:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Stronger core muscles
  • Better breathing techniques
  • Improved balance
  • More stamina
  • ·Greater mental focus
  • Restored and revitalised energy


Practicing yoga on flat surf days can keep you in great shape until the next big swell. And when there are good surf days, yoga can stretch your body out after a session, helping to avoid neck, shoulder, and back stiffness. Active poses, like Downward-Facing Dog (explained below), build strength and flexibility; while balancing poses, like Eagle (explained below), sharpen focus and concentration. Plus, practicing yoga just FEELS GOOD!

Both yoga and surfing teach you to meet and overcome fear, to breathe deeply, and to ride the waves of life with grace and ease. So when the big waves roll in, you can stay cool and collected.


Our yoga instructor, Eveline, is a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor and has been following the yogic path for the last 8 years. As a passionated surfer, she knows how to prepare the body for a day of surf or SUP or how to cool it down with a more restorative class. The classes will be given on our yoga deck overlooking the beautiful garden and will be conducted in english, though Eveline speaks french, german and dutch too.


Allow yourself to experience a class, allow yourself the  GOOD FEELING!

The price will be 30€ for a 1hour private class or 10€ p.p. (minimal 3 persons)




If you prefer a more passive way to relax then make an appointment for an hour of Relaxing Massage, Deep tissue or Aromatherapy.

Price: 40€ 1 hour



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