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Carlos isn’t just the Good Feeling King of the Kitchen (and bar), he’s also a kind and generous man, happy to share his recipe with you for one of the many mouth-wateringly delicious dinners that he cooks for our guests!

Have you tried his Pasta with Chickpeas? (It’s so much better than it sounds!)

Are you tempted to cook it yourself? Let us know how it tastes when you do!

Massa com grão de bico – Pasta with chickpeas

The perfect dinner for warming up your bones and refuelling your energy (especially after a winter session) - saucy, and full of flavour.

For 4 persons


2 onions
3 garlic cloves
3 bay leaves (laurel)
3 spoons olive oil
150g diced bacon

3 very ripe juicy tomatoes
1 red pepper
4 carrots
1 glass red wine

800g diced beef (stewing steak)
500g pasta (macaroni)
400g cooked chickpeas
1 chouriço colorau (Portuguese sausage - red)

1 teaspoon salt
Cumin (to suit your taste)
Piri Piri sauce (to suit your taste)
A sprig (small bunch) of parsley (salsa)

Preparation (45 mins)
Cover the beef with water in a pan and simmer (just boiling) for 45 mins
Strain the beef and keep the water aside for the sauce


Cooking (1hr 10mins approx)
1. Put chopped onions & garlic in a pan with olive oil, bay leaves and bacon
2. Fry till onions turn golden
3. Add chopped tomatoes, carrots & pepper to pan
4. Fry on low heat for 10-12 mins
5. Add red wine and leave on low heat (to reduce sauce) for 10 mins
6. Add beef, stir, cook for further 10 mins
7. Add the water (from boiling the beef) little by little (like you would with a risotto). Low heat for another 10-15 mins
8. Add pasta, stir, cook for 7-8 mins
9. Add chickpeas, stir, 1-2 mins
10. Add sliced chouriço, stir, 5 mins
11. Turn off the heat. Add salt, cumin and piri piri, place the bunch of parsley (salsa) on the top
12. Present your ‘Rancho’ dish to your fellow diners. Enjoy!

Carlos recommends that you serve with:
Red wine (of course)
A crispy salad (on the side)
Crusty bread

Get in touch and tell us how much you enjoyed, if you want more recipes, or just to say hello! and Boa Appetit!

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