Are you a nature lover?

There’s something very special that the people who stay with us share,

... and it’s not only the love of the warm sun.
It’s not all about the draw of the golden beaches, the beautiful ocean and the waves it brings our way. While the fantastic weather and stunning coastline will always be the main attractions to this wonderful corner of Portugal, there’s another thing that we think brings people to visit, and makes them return, time and time again.

We have something in common. We connect with you, our guests, and you all connect with each other, and we think it’s because of this... 

Our shared love of the great outdoors, the wild unspoiled landscape; the admiration we have for nature. It brings our senses alive.

We’re surrounded by the Costa Vicentina Natural Park, (Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina) which makes our location so very perfect for people who love the timeless beauty of nature. The Costa Vicentina is the largest preserved coastal Natural Park in Europe, running along 150km of coastal wilderness, covering almost 750 square kilometres of land. Protected by strict planning controls, it has been declared a sanctuary for wildlife since 1995 and has become a naturalist’s paradise; with diverse wildlife and rare flora and fauna, free from pollution and the threat of mass tourism or other industries.

It’s a big part of what makes our place so authentically Portuguese.

Take a walk from the Good Feeling Hostel, through the village or along the road, and before you know it, you’re in the green hills, passing a goat herder with his flock, or sheep grazing in the fields around you.
Migratory birds fly above you, fascinating insects shelter under old stone walls (if you don’t like them, don’t disturb them!) and you’ll find freshly dug holes with hoof-prints leading away in the ground, from the wild boar that root for grubs and bulbs at dusk and dawn.

The Natural Park is inhabited by rare fishing eagles, great white storks and Azure-winged Magpies, which chatter as they fly overhead. Rare wildflowers are visited by butterflies and bees, and the whole time, the ocean meets the rugged cliffs that surround us in our special place.

You might not know the names of all the creatures that you see, but you undoubtedly stop and notice them, as do we. 

We think the wilderness around us brings out the best in people, but we could be wrong… it might be the warm and friendly atmosphere in our hostel that makes us feel connected. 

We invite you to come and find out for yourselves, and tell us – what makes this place so special for you?

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