7 reasons staying in a Hostel (especially ours!) gives you a Good Feeling

1. The people you meet

The moment you enter a good hostel, you’ll feel like part of a happy little family.
Your travel experience will be enriched by meeting like-minded travellers from different countries and you’ll learn so much from the mixture of cultures and languages, shared stories, travel tips and recommendations.
Making these kinds of connections can lead to all sorts of opportunities; you could make lifelong friends, or even find love - it happens!


2. The happy atmosphere

Every good hostel has its own personality and offers a unique personal touch; the warm welcome, the informal homely feel, and the energy and positive vibes extended to you, all combine to make a great recipe for your trip.

Want to stay somewhere comfortable and friendly, where you have the freedom to be yourself, join others if you’re feeling sociable and have endless opportunities for fun?
If so, it sounds like hostel life is perfect for you!


3. Adventure!

A good hostel gives you plenty of options to explore.
Knowledgeable local staff can help you select suitable activities, trips and tours; often they’ll take you, or guide you, to places you might never discover by yourself…
And other guests (your new friends) will share with you the places they’ve discovered as well.


4. Freedom! It’s all about the ‘relaxada’…

Hostels are great for people who like to go with the flow – flexible times, relaxed schedules, organised activities or lazy lounges – it’s totally up to you what you do!

Choose what you want to do, and when. Stay up all night and party, or put your ear-plugs in and snore till dawn.
Sleep all morning, or get up early for a yoga session and healthy breakfast, then grab a ride to the beach.
Eat out, cook what you want, when you want it, or join others for a meal - one huge benefit of hostel life is that if you can’t cook, you’ll nearly always find a new friend who can!

Most importantly, enjoy the vibe, and relax…


5. Suit your budget

A good hostel will offer different accommodation options, so you can choose whether to keep it cheap and share a dorm, choose a private room, or book a studio all to yourself.
With the choice of food options - great value dinner and snacks, eat out or cook for yourself and suit your own taste/dietary needs – and cheap drinks at the hostel bar, you could have your best budget holiday ever.

Some hostels offer work exchange options – get in touch to check whether there’s a vacancy for a helper and you might be able to stay for free!


6. Safety and Security

A good hostel provides lockers for guests and will have a security system in place for locking rooms and dorms. There are also always people around, so you can go out for the day safe in the knowledge that your possessions are secure.

If you’re travelling alone and want the safety of being in a group or having a travel buddy, you’re sure to find people in a similar situation that you can hook up with and explore together.


7. Location, location, location!

A good hostel will be placed in a location that suits the clientele.
This means there’ll be easy transport options (public transport and/or transfers provided by the hostel) and there’ll usually be shops, restaurants and bars within walking distance.
Obviously, depending on whether you want to be in the busy hub of the city, or in a peaceful location where you can sit back and escape the crowds, choose your hostel accordingly and look forward to the experience.


We’re proud of the services and the Good Feeling in our hostel and we know from comments, feedback, people who return to us and the big smiles that we see all around, that most of our visitors love the atmosphere and have a brilliant time.
We’re also constantly improving and making the hostel an even better place to stay.
So, if you have any suggestions or can add to the list of what makes a good hostel (especially ours) such a great place to stay, please let us know - send us an email or come visit and tell us over a beer on the terrace!

We look forward to welcoming you!


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