Things to do in Sagres & around

To make your stay at the Good Feeling Hostel even more memorable, we coordinate all kinds of activities for our guests. There are plenty of awesome things to do in Sagres and the surrounding area, such as yoga classes, dolphin watching and scuba diving! Our central location makes it easy to explore the whole area, so you can take advantage of all the local activities.

All activities are organized either by us (like surf lessons and stand-up paddle tours) or by carefully selected local businesses that are fully qualified to provide a safe and enjoyable experience.

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Special Activity: Stand Up Paddle Trip (SUP)

Experience the beautiful coastline of the Coast of Vicentina, it's rough cliffs and it's caves, birds and fishes, from another pint of view - the water!

We take you for an exciting 3:30 hours SUP-Trip, from a wonderful beach close to our hostel. We visit caves, by SUP or swimming, you can jump from a cliff and enjoy the wonderful natureThe tour is very easy and really beautiful!
SUP is a sport for everybody - from young to old, you don't have to be particullary sportive or in shape, don't be afraid, join us for a tour!

Price:  € 55,-
Includes: material, transfer, photos and guiding

Surf Lessons

Surf Lessons

You want to learn surf or are you fancy brushing up on your surf skills? Why not get some lessons from a qualified teacher? You'll improve your surfing way faster than you ever could otherwise!

 Low Season
Sept - June
High Season
July - August
1 day€ 55€ 60
3 days€ 150€ 165
4 days€ 200€ 220
5 days€ 225€ 250
6 days +€ 50 / day€ 55/ day
Beach/Surf Transfer

Beach/Surf Transfer

The Algarve is a great place to surf. Best waves are in winter, but also in summer you can find some nice waves!
All these beaches are super beautiful and also for non-surfers really enjoyable!

We are experienced surfers and show you the best spots around here! We will bring you to the once which will be working and will be the best for your surf-level! We are looking forward to bring you around!

Transfers to the beaches are free. We bring you to one beach a day and pick you up later at the time arranged!

If you want to get a Surf Guide to travel with you from spot to spot to find the best waves of the day, contact us!

Surfboard Rental

Surf Rental

If you are packing light and aren't bringing a surfboard with you, then don't worry - you can rent one of our surfboards at great value! The prices for rentals are below.

 1 day2 days3 days4 days5 days+6 days
Board - Softboard€ 20€ 35€ 55€ 70€ 85€ 15 /day
Board - Hardboard€ 25€ 50€ 70€ 90€ 105€ 18 /day
Wetsuit€ 20€ 35€ 50€ 55€ 65€ 10 /day
Softboard + Wetsuit€ 25€ 45€ 60€ 75€ 90€ 18 /day
Hardboard + Wetsuit€ 30€ 55€ 75€ 95€ 110€ 20 /day
Bike Rental

Bike Rental

We have some bikes for you to rent! It's a beautiful area to explore per bike! You can even reach the closes beaches easily per bike!

1 day€ 10,-
3 days€ 21,-
5 days€ 33,-
7 days€ 42,-
Massage & Shiatsu

Massage / Osteopathy

The ultimate recipe for a bit of relaxation!


Full body massage - 60min:  € 40,-
After Surf massage (back, neck, shoulders)  30 min:  € 25,-
Special pre-booking offer: After Surf massage 2 x 30mins:   € 40,-

Osteopathy and recovery treatments

Osteopathy treatment - 45min:   € 30,-
Slowing down: acupuncture and sacro-craneal treatment -  60min:   € 40,-

Nature Walks

Nature Walks

Walks on the wild west coast of the Algarve. More than a simple walk - an experience!

Because a walk can be much more than putting one foot in front of the other. Atalaia's vision is to tell the story of the natural landscape which is going to be discovered. The guide thus turns into a story teller. He tells the secrets of the green and the blue and the brown that will be encountered all along the way.
These walks take part in the Saint Vincent Natural Park which is a nature reserve

Hiking - Experience: Trail of Atalaia, Trail of the villages, Trail of the smugglers, Trail of the fishermen 
Theme - Experience: 
wild mushroom picking walk, bee obervation walk, shellfish walk, kitchen-garden walk or the meditation walk

Jeep Tours Algarve

Jeep Tours

Discover the beautiful vicentina coast by 4x4 Vehicles. Visit and explore great landscapes, secret places and beaches of extreme beauty. 60% of the tours are done by foot as these walking tours periodes are made in the natural park where it's not allowed to use any kind of vehicle. The best: you can drive the 4x4 by yourself! 
Minimum of 2 persons and a maximum of 18 persons!

Possible Tours: 

Tour 1: Sagres - Torre de Aspa

1-2 persons: € 45/persons,   3-4 persons: € 40/person,   5+ persons: € 35/person
Tour-Timetable:  10.00 to 16.00  or   16.00 to 19.30

Tour 2: Sagres - Carrapateira

1-2 persons: € 60/persons,   3-4 persons: € 50/person,   5+ persons: € 45/person
Childrens between 4 and 12 years:  50% discount
Tour-Timetable:  10.00 to 18.00

Tour 3: Bravery triangle - Monchique - Aljezur (Touristic Tour)

1-2 persons: € 70/persons,   3-4 persons: € 65/person,   5+ persons: € 50/person
Childrens between 4 and 12 years:  50% discount
Tour-Timetable:  10.00 to 18.00
provided between March until November

Fishing/Dolphin/Boat Tours

Fishing / Dolphin Watching / Boat Tours

Under the Mediterranean influence and in the Atlantic Ocean the coast of Sagres is a privileged area for the Observation of Marine Life. Come with us on a great tour to find out more about the sea world, to go fishing or to have an incredible view of the Coat of Vicentina from the water!

- Dolphin Watching - € 30
- Trip to Cape St. Vicente - € 20
- Family Fishing - € 30
- Boat trip & Barbecue  (Jul / Ago) - € 35

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

The Algarve has a beautiful underwater-world!

1 Scuba Dive - € 70
It includes: theory class, Training in confined water, 1 scuba diving in the sea, transfer, equipment and a trainer

2 Scuba Dives - € 120
It includes: theoric class, Training in confined water, 2 scuba divings in the sea, transfer, equipment and a trainer

Course of 4 or 5 days - € 335
It includes: 4 Scuba divings in open water, 5 series in confined water (practical classes), 5 theoretical sessions, international certificate, OWD Kit (manual and scuba diving card), scuba diving equipment, transfer, DAN (Divers Alert Network) and the trainer

Horse Riding

Horseback riding 

Program 1

Contact with the horse: cleaning and tacking up, Introduction to equestrian practice and arena riding (beginners), Ride Trail (approx. 6km), Arrival and untacking
Duration: 2h, Price: 40€

Program 2 (May include beach visit)

Contact with the horse: cleaning and tacking up, Introduction to equestrian practice and arena riding (beginners), Ride Trail (approx. 12km), Arrival and untacking
Duration: 3h, Price : 70€

Program 3 (May include beach visit)

Contact with the horse: cleaning and tacking up, Ride Trail (approx. 20 km), Arrival and untacking
Duration: 4h, Price : 100€



1:15 min Yoga

1 Person2 Persons3 or more
€ 25€ 15€ 10

Price per person