Lies über aktuelle Ereignisse in der GoodFeeling-Welt!

Möchtest du einen Artikel für uns schreiben oder uns ein paar Fotos schicken? Wir würden uns sehr darüber freuen, kontaktiere uns!

Sorry, die Neuigkeiten sind leider nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

Making your travel plans just got easier!

Summer Bus Service from Lisbon to Sagres starts on 1st July

We’ve put together a brief guide to travelling in Portugal to help you get here.
If you have any questions or need help with making arrangements, get in touch!

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Scooters for rent available

We are having now Scooters for rent at the Good Feeling. 



1€ 29
3€ 75
7€ 165
15€ 300

2 Helmets are included.
Surf Rack: € 5/per day

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…and we’re still getting better!

We’re still working to make our hostel even more amazing for our guests!

Projects currently underway are nearing completion and we’re getting super excited about them.
We know you find it hard to believe that we weren’t perfect already, so what are we doing now?

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The Good Feeling got even better

We’ve been making improvements to The Good Feeling Hostel, and are still hard at work, making things even better for you.

Want to know what we’ve been doing? (apart from surfing in the sunshine!)

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Are you a nature lover?

There’s something very special that the people who stay with us share, and it’s not only the love of the warm sun.
It’s not all about the draw of the golden beaches, the beautiful ocean and the waves it brings our way. While the fantastic weather and stunning coastline will always be the main attractions to this wonderful corner of Portugal, there’s another thing that we think brings people to visit, and makes them return, time and time again.

We have something in common. We connect with you, our guests, and you all connect with each other, and we think it’s because of this...

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Winter Warmer

Here at The Good Feeling, we’ve enjoyed a wonderfully sunny ‘winter’.

We know just how lucky we are to live in an eco-climate, which is said to skip from autumn straight into spring, so we’d like to share some interesting facts to cheer you up and help warm your winter blues away.

Interesting Fact 1. 
It hasn’t rained here since the 28th November.

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Celebrate New Years with us

What happens in Sagres, stays in Sagres! ;) 

Come to the Good Feeling and celebrate New Years with us! 
We will enjoy together great food, great party and great surf! 

Merry Xmas


We wish you all a Merry Christmas! 
Enjoy the waves or snow whereever you are! 

All the best

The Good Feeling Family

Winter Special 10% OFF

Surf the uncrowded winter

Perfect waves, beautiful scenery, relaxed atmosphere - come and surf with us in the West-Algarve, Portugal!

Our Winter-Offer for you if you book 7 or more nights in the Hostel: 


10% OFF      of Bed / Room Rent
10% OFF      of Rental Material (Boards, Wetsuits)
10% OFF      of Surf Lessons
10% OFF      of SUP-Tours

FREE transfers to the beach!

Valid for booked stays until 31st of March 2015.


Use the Promotional Code:  FACEBOOK2014 

See and book in our Booking Engine directly the Promotional-Prices for your stay. You get the other Discounts (Rentals, Surf Lessons, SUP-Trips) directly at the Hostel when booking the services.


Details at:  http://www.thegoodfeeling.com/en/winterspecial

New website with booking-system

We want to provide you a better service, so we decided to get a new website. You'll find now all the information about the hostel, the rooms, activites, etc. in a better organization. Also we added some more infos to make your holiday planning easier and better.

Additionally we added a booking system. Now you have the possiblilty to search for avaiabilty and prices as well as book directly your bed, room or studio without hazzle!

We hope you like the new website.
If you have any problems with it contact us!

The new design & development was done by Karo Krassel, www.juicy-blue.com

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