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Stand Up Paddle is on

We had some great SUP-tours this year already!
It was so much fun with you guys! We hope you all enjoyed your time out there as well!

You want to join us on a tour as well? Stand Up Paddle is a great way to experience the beautiful coastline of the Algarve, it's rough cliffs and it's caves, birds and fishes, from another point of view - the water. Get some more infos on our Stand Up Paddle Tours. And contact us to book a tour!

On Facebook you can find some additional photos: https://www.facebook.com/goodfeelingHostel/media_set?set=a.10201429932417042.1073741824.1436994098&type=1


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GoodFeeling is 6 years old

6 years of Good Feeling, we love it! 

We had a nice 6ths birthday party at the hostel. Locals, Friends and Clients were together celebrating the last 6 years with us. It was a fun party with lots of drinks, great music, dancing and having a fun time.

Thanks to everybody coming to party with us as well as all the people helping out at it!! 

Watch the video of the party: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10201930522971493

Keep on dancing!

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Gil is our new man in the house

Welcome Gil to the Good Feeling Family.
Gil is from now on with us all year and takes care about the hostel so provide you a quality holiday. Since he is here in Begin of April he did already quit a few advantages in the hostel. Some rooms have a new design, we installed some additional light, the kitchen ...   Some of Gil's ideas and our future plans: installing a minipool in the garden, adding a BBQ place infront of the house,..

Come by and have a look at the improvements!

Gil - we are happy to have you here!

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